Harlan Kilstein – Sneaker Riches

Sneaker Riches

A four-week program that takes you from newbie to pro.

You’re about to be introduced to a niche…
Where regular folks can make $2000 a week almost immediately.
Where some folks are generating millions doing this as a real business.
I’ve decided to come forward and share about this niche because there is so much money in this niche, you just have to pick it up and it’s yours.
A lot of people are going to be very angry that I’m sharing this information because they’ve had it all to themselves.
Today — everything changes — for you!

Yes you really can make money tomorrow (even tonight)!
Is this an MLM? No!
Is this about Keto or Weight Loss? No!
Is this about Bitcoin? No!
Do I hire employees? No!
Do I need to process credit cards? No!
Do I need to write copy? No!
Do I need to get traffic? No!
Do I need to sell my own products or services? No!
Do I need a website? No!
Do I need an email list? No!
Do I need to do any video work? No!
Do I need to do Facebook advertising? No!
Do I need to create a sales funnel? No!
Do I need a fortune to get started? No!
Do I need to register a business? No!
Do I need to do webinars? No!
Do I need to use Facebook? No!
Do I need any programming skills? No!
Is there a steep learning curve in this market? No!
Do I need to be an expert in marketing? No!
Do I need any special equipment for this? No!
Do I have to spend any money on advertising? No!
There is a new economy today.

If you are older than 40, you’ve probably never heard of this market.
If you are in your teens or twenties, you’ve not only heard of this market, you’re a consumer of it.
This market is the perfect storm of an insatiable market and limited quantities of products are MUST HAVE.
The 2 Billion Dollar Niche is the Secondary Market for Sneakers And Street Gear.

You can literally double or triple the price of sneakers overnight.
The sneaker companies release limited editions of their newest sneaker models.
The DEMAND far exceeds the SUPPLY.
Whenever this happens, prices go up and up and up.

Here’s the Process Step By Step:

Buy a pair of sneakers that are in high demand
There are calendars of when sneakers “drop”
Turn around and list the sneakers on one of the websites that specialize in this market.
Get paid — double, triple, even quadruple your money.

One Deal Can Make You Hundreds Or Thousands of Dollars

You’ll know what’s coming out and what to buy (and what to pass on).
Remember this is risk free because the worst that can happen is… you return them and get your money back (which I expect you will never want to do).

Harlan Kilstein – Sneaker Riches

Course Page: Harlan Kilstein – Sneaker Riches
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