How-to Download

This page describes the steps on how to download the files shared on this website.

1. Share the page to view the download links.

Tip: After you open the page, you may click once (away from the share buttons) to trigger the popunder ad first. When the popunder is triggered, you can then click the facebook or twitter button and share/tweet the page.

It may be confusing if you instantly click the share button as it will trigger both the share/tweet popup window and the popunder ad at the same time.

2. After you successfully shared the page, the download links are now unlocked. Click the link to download each file.

3. After you clicked a link, you’ll be redirected to a human verification page. Click the checkbox to verify you’re human.


4. After you clicked the verification check box, you’ll be redirected to ‘Get Link’ page. You need to wait for 8 seconds and then click ‘Get Link’ button.


5. After you clicked the ‘Get Link’ button, you’ll be redirected to the zippyshare download page. In here, you need to click the ‘Download Now’ button twice or thrice. The first or second click will also trigger a popup ad. Again, be patient and close the ad when they appeared. Note: I don’t get a cut of these ads, they show you ads in exchange of hosting the files.

6. After you successfully click the ‘Download Now’ button. Your download will now start.

7. Repeat the process on each link. Cheers!