Khalid M – Facebook Marketing School

Level UP Your Facebook & Instagram Ads Skills

This course will give you ALL the tools and skills you need to build the most effective and affordable Facebook campaigns.

What You Get:

The only Facebook Ads course taught by a former Facebook Employee

Teaching you what I learned from 3 years working at Facebook as a client ads consultant: the secrets, principles, and practices used by the world’s best Facebook ad marketers. I’ve also advised dozens of startups through my consultancy, and launched 6 eCommerce companies of my own.
*only publicly available information is shared, nothing breaking NDA agreement.
69+ On-Demand Video Lessons & Growing!

Covering every subject you need to know about Facebook ads: FB’s ad ecosystem, building compelling ads, the ad auction, campaign structures, bidding, and more!
AND, you get access to future material! I’m always updating the course with new content, and you’ll get access to all of it!
What makes this the most up-to-dateFacebook course out there?

Everything in this course was made in December 2019. On top of that, I am constantly releasing new content based on updates to the ad platform, new solutions, and student requests.
These are the 3 newest lessons, and the dates they were released:
Released Feb 14th: Scaling Your Ad Spend

Based on student requests, I released two 20-minute lessons on how to scale your ad spend aggressively, while maintaining positive ROI.
Released Feb 10th: Ad Policy

Another highly requested topic, I created and released 50 minutes of content on how to avoid, manage, and mitigate compliance issues (disapprovals, account disables, business manager disables, etc.)
Released Feb 4th: Dynamic Creative

One of Facebook’s newer and most promising features for 2020, I built a lesson and step-by-step tutorial on Dynamic Creative, a new solution that enables you to automate the creation and testing of ads, and ad components (headlines, CTAs, videos, images, etc.).
The course is for users that want to improve their ROI and effectiveness using Facebook ads, through lessons you won’t find anywhere else on the web.
This course will enable you to more confidently leverage Facebook ads to deliver business outcomes.
With proven methods, used by the most sophisticated advertisers.

Khalid M – Facebook Marketing School

Course Page: Khalid M – Facebook Marketing School
Size: 3.77 GB

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You’re a Little Late!

The FREE download links for this course were deleted due to DMCA or inactivity. You now need to secretly request this course via email to get a private download link for a convenience fee of $6.99 using bitcoin or $12.99 using Paypal or card.

Please consider buying the course from the original source if it helps you or your business.


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