Sebastian Ghiorghiu – Shopify Drop Shipping

Shopify Drop Shipping course – Learn how to leverage social media to build a business online!
You will learn how to start, grow, scale, and automate your business to generate massive sales.

Work while they sleep, Learn while they party, Save while they spend,
Then live like they dream.

Learn how to:
Set up your Shopify store in the most attractive and aesthetic way possible to instantly grab viewers attention and make them want to buy.
Find a competitive niche to sell trending and top grossing products.
Go over all the individual apps and how to set them up to create a sense of urgency on your website to convince people to buy now!
How to piggy back already selling products from other drop shippers.
How to edit products to make the appear professional (Pictures, Names, Descriptions, Pricing). This will drastically increase revenue if done correctly.

Appear as a professional well known company and get people to beg for your products. This is done across Instagram, website, and advertisements.
Learn how to organically get traffic to your store to make sales without promotions, this method also increases engagement on business Instagram account.
Create a captivating advertisement and AD copy to attract attention when promoting.
Find influencers with good engagements, contact them, and ensure you target the best audience.
Find out the best possible price to pay for influencers and, how to negotiate with them.
Increase order value by almost 20% with a trick discovered recently.
Full in depth Instagram marketing plan so that by your first month you’re already successful.
How to scale your business to go from $100/day to $1,000/day so and on.
Find a competitive niche to sell trending and top grossing products.

Watch as I take a brand new store to one thousand dollars in sales in a complete step by step process with results in the at the end.
This is vital so that student understand the thought process behind methods and the exact mistakes to avoid when starting a drop-shipping business.
Down below are the results from that store. Less then 24 hours!

Sebastian Ghiorghiu – Shopify Drop Shipping

Course: Sebastian Ghiorghiu – Shopify Drop Shipping
Size: 3.54 GB

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